Stories on Care for Asian American Seniors

Enduring Together: Asian Americans & Alzheimer's Disease

New York City

"Enduring Together: Asian Americans & Alzheimer's Disease" is a caregiving story that presents the challenges and hopes of an Asian American couple and their battle with Alzheimer's Disease. They share their immigrant story and the sacrifices, fears, and hopes in enduring Alzheimer's Disease together. MSNBC News Anchor and family caregiver, Richard Lui ends with his personal story and insights about Alzheimer's, and a powerful call to action for all present and future caregivers.

About: NextDayBetter x AARP AAPI Community is a storytelling campaign inspired by AAPI caregiving.

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Our Challenge

The care of elders among Asian Americans carries with it attitudes, beliefs, and practices that can be starkly different from those of the general population. How can their friends, loved ones, and healthcare providers give the kind of care that respects their traditional cultures while meeting their most basic needs?


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